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Words from the farmer's daughter

Agriculture has always been a foundational aspect of my life. I grew up on a family farm in Southwest Nebraska that has been passed down through the generations. There we raise dry-land corn, wheat, grain sorghum and Angus cattle. Ever since my childhood I have learned life lessons through the daily challenges, responsibilities and joys of production agriculture by working alongside my parents and three brothers.  It was through my years on the farm that I discovered my passion for production agriculture, and even more so for the people it involves.

I have been blessed with many wonderful people and experiences throughout my life that continue to shape me into the person I am. I will forever be grateful for the countless opportunities and support I have received from so many.

About the blog

This blog is a collection of agricultural news and information (and personal ramblings). The goal of this site is to provide accurate and timely agricultural information in a reader friendly way. This site features technical articles that are directly related to certain aspects of production agriculture and rural life, as well as stories that aim to be understandable no matter how much agriculture knowledge you may have.

I hope that you enjoy my agriculture commentary blog. If you ever have a question or comment please let me know.

Contact information

For freelance opportunities please contact me at: shelbyhaag@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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  1. Shelby, I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! Not only is your layout fabulous, but you have great material. It's so important to share our message as farmers and ranchers. Thank you :)